Choosing the wrong lighting, equivalent to no decoration

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When it comes to indoor lighting, many people may not seriously think about this problem. During decoration, some lamps’ appearance look beautiful, then people use them on the selection of their own decoration. In fact, we would like to let you know, there is a lot of knowledge in the selection and configuration of lamps. The indoor lighting is not well handled, it is easy to cause direct ray indoor, and even cause light pollution. Such problems will seriously affect our lives. Therefore, it is very important to handle indoor lighting during renovation.


So what should we pay attention to when dealing with lighting?  We have following 3 points:

1.Avoid Direct Light Source

Direct light refer to the main function area of life caused by the improper installation of lamps and lanterns. Dazzling will inevitably bring inconvenience to life, affecting our pace of life. Generally speaking, direct lighting should be adjusted to avoid direct illuminating sofa, restaurant, television and other areas, if we decorated with light bulb of bare light source, it should be fitted with a lampshade so as not to affect our daily routine.


2.The light color should be consistent



As we all know, the light is divided into cool and warm colors. For example, the current cars generally choose the light of the cold color, such light is relatively light, on the contrary, the warm light color is a bit deeper, giving people a feeling of being very warm. To choose the same type of light colors as possible, if you really want to be a little different, then the color temperature between the lights should be kept below 500 k. If you really don't know how to choose warm and cold colors, we suggested that you could choose warm yellow lights, which are soft and have a protective effect on your eyesight. Above also has the concrete color temperature chart, everybody may refer to.

3.Light intensity should be moderate

Although the luminosity of the home lighting can not be too strong, it cannot be too dark either, home will appear dim, to some extent affect mood, especially furniture and wall tone is dark, lighting should be as bright as possible, because dark color is more absorbent. By the way: outdoor sunlight is generally 5 to 10 times the indoor, compared to outdoor, indoor light is much darker, so the indoor light naturally can not be too dark. For the relatively dark style, we suggested that ask for specific specifications of lamps before buying, as far as possible to choose a little more power lamps.


After looking at the above three points, I believe we all have a certain understanding of how to handle the lighting. The following we will tell you in detail how to design the lighting in specific places, let’s check:


For the restaurant lamps, we recommended the ceiling type of direct lighting, but the height of the table to grasp, generally around the 80CM, specific can be changed according to the actual situation. Table with ceiling dishes also look brighter, natural appetite will be much better. If you take into account that family members also work or do homework at the table, natural brightness should be increased. By the way, the number of chandeliers on the normal table can be around 1-3.





For the choice of kitchen lights, the requirements for bright light, natural color temperature should be slightly colder, the form of the lamp can choose a light, ceiling lamp or downlight, you can choose the appropriate model according to their preferences. But on the light requirement is quite special, the area that the lamplight shoots directly should be the side of the person, the position also cannot be too high, commonly in the kitchen side 3/4 position, if the light that so installs won't block also won't form the reflection.




Toilet are generally not very high requirements for light, but the general household toilet are equipped with dressing glasses, women use makeup. For such a higher demand for reflection, our suggestion is to install a few 3 W or so lights between the toilet and the bath. The number can be calculated at 3.5 W per square meter. If you want to be more prominent, you can install one or two mirror headlights next to the mirror.



Living Room

The living room is the center of a home, also is the main function area of the whole home, the lighting can't be too dim naturally, the form of the decoration choice lamp can also be a variety of, can choose according to own preference. But in the light installation should be careful: the lamp can not be directly facing the sofa and television, such a reflection will be bad for the eyes, the best way is to shoot tea table. Of course, the number of lights can be selected according to the number of 2.5w-3w per square meter to calculate, if the living room is larger, more functional areas can also choose a variety of lights mix, this also seems more active atmosphere.



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Adult Bedroom

The adult bedroom we personally feels that should warm a little bit, so, can choose the warm color system to make a small shooting lamp on the shade of the lamp, the brightness of the radiator of general present can be adjusted. Next is the bedside lamp, if the bedroom space is still relatively big, may choose the floor lamp, looks more atmospheric, may also be used to read before the night goes to bed, the switch is quite convenient. If the bedroom is small, can not put floor lamp, can also design a small chandelier above the bed, small and exquisite.



Children Bedroom

Children are sensitive to light, vision is not fully developed, poor light has a greater impact on vision. In the processing of the light source can not be direct, then children's room had better choose the ceiling lamp and downlight, this kind of light will not be direct, general diffuse reflection will not impact on the eyesight. On the other hand, taking into account the problem of children's reading, when choosing the reading lamp, our suggests to buy something that can be adjusted to cool and warm, which is also helpful to alleviate visual fatigue. This kind of lamp is generally available in the physical store, and you can consult more when choosing this kind of light. Try to choose a better quality, do not save money on children's eyesight!



Stair Lamp

Stair lamp general requirements will not be very high, how to install also more casual, as long as the light brightness enough. At present, most of the lights are decorated, and the ceiling lamps are mostly small wall lamps. However, the treatment of small wall lamps is more troublesome, requiring a very long line in series, and the price of small wall lamps is also relatively expensive. If the conditions can be considered, it can still be considered. After all, who doesn't like the stair lamp of such a little money?


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