Lighting·ideas for the House

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Lighting·ideas for the House

Today we want to share something interesting idea of housing,

Try to turn a cool "house" to a warm "home"



reordering spaces,

define the existence between them.


It dominates a transition from place to darkness, 

is a source of power in space.



A lamp with an inner personality disdains to turn on only at night. 

A simple circular light, during the day, with shape and light fusion space straight lines. 

And its master, more or less, has some kind of yearning for life.




Some publicity is for fusion. 

Modelling publicity, but the inside of the introverted lamp, can cover the existence of space, 

the first time presents the special pursuit of the master.



Lamp of transparent materials, there is a fragile force. 

There is destruction and pity in your natural instincts. 

Transparent lights, just a moment to control your extreme natural instincts.

It also symbolizes good things and power.

Guangzhou Trulene IM. & EX Co., Ltd


Can coexist equally with the light color space, is the paper lamp. 

Its softness makes you a little surprised at the light it gives you. 

Yes, just the right temperament.


The night was too long for the light to stand. 

Two things that repel each other always come from the same place. 

What you want comes from the present you have not. 

In the light, there is time and persistence of the answer.


Some lights are closest to you. 

You can weave your own time and persistence with your own hands and give them a sustenance and testimony.

Trulene are willing to accompany you to create a warm "home"



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