How much do you know about lighting design?

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How much do you know about lighting design?

Lighting design is a means to embody the soul of design. Mainly divided into: outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, stage lighting and vehicle lamps and so on. Lighting design must meet the requirements of function, according to different space, different occasions, different objects choose different lighting modes and lamps, and ensure proper illumination and brightness.

A city, a building, a landscape, a street, a commercial space, its characteristics are shaped by the light, but also attached to the life texture of the lighting design with a unique theme, style, depth, emotion, color and atmosphere.

In many years of design philosophy, think of simple lines and layout is the core of a link. Simple design can be truly fascinating, give people true enjoyment; on the contrary, too pretentious, complicated arrangement, will only add many unnecessary elements, contrary to the overall design of the purpose of enhancing the sense of indoor clearance. The most important thing is how to establish a perfect spatial structure, so that the space can convey different atmosphere and levels of feeling, even joy, anger, sorrow and joy, become more close to people, bring a surprise at any time.

In the present design engineering files, it is not difficult to find all kinds of lighting themes running through them, the shadow intersection is everywhere, creating different atmosphere and multiple artistic conception.Lighting can be said to be a more flexible and interesting design elements, can become a catalyst for the atmosphere, is the focus and theme of the room, but also enhance the existing decoration layer.

Generally speaking, lighting arrangement can be divided into direct and indirect.

Direct lighting refers to direct lighting, such as pendant lamp and spot light, which are scattered directly in designated positions, projecting circles of light and shadow for lighting or highlighting the subject, directly and simply. Indirect lighting in the atmosphere can play a unique function, creating different artistic conception. Instead of hitting the ground, the light is placed behind the wall, behind the ceiling, or behind the overlay, the light is projected onto the wall and reflected to the ground, and the soft light seems to wash the whole space gently, gently and romantically.

Proper coordination of these two kinds of lights,can create the perfect space artistic conception. In the use of home lighting, the bedroom should be warm, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, the living room should be rich, hierarchical, artistic conception, the restaurant should be romantic, the bathroom should be warm and soft. Such a lighting arrangement, I think, has reached its maximum efficiency.


Here are some examples of lighting design

1.the transparent glass dome of the German Parliament Building in Berlin: 

the top lighting and lighting technology is integrated with the roof structure and has a strong artistic impact. The English architect Norman Forster's high-tech work set a new standard in the use of modern technology to express architectural art, winning the 21 th Pritzkei Prize.


2.New Terminal Building of Beijing Airport, the Capital of China:

"Light in Indoor Visual Environment" is one of the four summative articles published by the design team in the Journal of Architecture. The terminal building has a building area of 286500 , and hundreds of kinds of lamps have been installed, a total of 62962 sets of lamps (an average 4.5 set) of 94,864 lamps (about 3  one lamp), the total lighting power is 4678 kW (16.3 W / m2), and 105 skylights (3600 ) are installed on the roof for daytime lighting. This is a huge building lighting project.


3.The rise of urban nightscape lighting has aroused the attention and research of planners and architects on the view of urban nightscape. Some cities and regions begin to introduce the content of "Nightscape Lighting Planning" in urban planning and urban design.




"Light" as one of the elements of design, will enter the architectural design, urban planning, into the minds of architects and planners. With the development of economy, the improvement of life and the progress of technology, lighting will take humanistic thought as its design idea; abundant lighting means will create novel lighting methods; people's body, mind and eyesight health will benefit from excellent lighting.

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