How to choose good quality tile

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The Inspection Method of Purchasing Ceramic Tile

 1. Knock

 You could know the density from the percussion sound.There are many standards to distinguish tile is good or bad, you can tap on the tiles, the clearer sound, the higher vitrification it is, the better quality it is.

You can also clip a corner of the tile with your left thumb, forefinger and middle finger, and then hold down easily.Then knock the lower part of the tile with your right forefinger lightly, If the voice is clear and sweet,it’s for the top grade.If the sound is dull turbid,it’s for low-grade.

Tapping method:

 1), wall tiles or small size tiles

Usually separating your five fingers to hold up the tile, and the another hand tap on the tile, if it sounds with metallic texture, the quality is great.

2), the porcelain tiles and the rustic tiles

 Lift the side of the tile with one hand, and tap on the middle of the tile with the palm of the another hand,.if the sound is strong and with long echoes like the sound of the percussion copper bell, then the vitrification is higher, and with strong wear-resistant, strong flexural strength and low water absorption, then not easy to be polluted.But if the sound is cloudy and no echo, then the vitrification is lower(even had a cracks), the ceramic tile body calcination is not sufficient, wear resistance, flexural strength is low, water absorption rate will be higher, And then the porcelain are easier to be polluted.

  2.Weigh the tiles in your hand

When u weigh the tiles in your hand,the heavier the tile is,the quality is better.

  3.Have a check

 1)Testing the tile water adsorption.

The lower tile water adsorption,the tile inside is stabler,and it's more suitable for the weter place,and it won't have any black spot.You could pour the some water on the back of the tile,and check the waiter adsorption.

2)Checking the stain resistance permeability.

You could ink on the tile,and wipe it after a hour to check if there is vestige on the tile.if no vestige or just a little,then it mean the tile is great.

3)Testing the size.

Testing four angles of the tile,and the diagonal of the tile with the straightedge or tape.

4.Scraping the tile

You could use something hard to scrape the surface of the tile,if there is no vestige,then the tile it's great.

5.Looking the tiles

Checking the tile's color,and the thickness.If the color is more symmetrical,and the glazed surface is thicker,then the tile's quality is better.


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