How can led light be more durable?

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How can led light be more durable? 

                                     Let's learn some knowledge of led lamp maintenance 


In recent years, with the continuous penetration of people's healthy living concepts, people are becoming more and more accustomed to environmentally friendly and energy-saving lifestyles. As one of the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting products, LED lamps are increasingly favored by consumers. But in general, many people don't care much about the maintenance of LED lights. Even if it is broken, it will be a quality problem. In fact, LED lights have certain rules when they are used or installed. If used properly, the life of the lamps is very long. How can the LED lamp be more durable? Come and learn maintenance knowledge.

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Usage method of LED lights


After buying the lamp, don't rush to install. We should read the installation instructions carefully, and follow the installation instructions to install. Otherwise, danger may occur.


Do not change the structure and lamp components of the led light during cleaning and maintenance. After maintenance, the led light should be installed as the original, and the parts of light should not be missed or misplaced.


When using the led light, try not to switch frequently. Although the resistance to switching time of the LED lamp is about 18 times that of the ordinary fluorescent lamp, it will affect the life of the internal electronic components of the LED lamp if it is switched frequently, which will affect the lifespan of the lamp.


In particular, in addition to special led lamps, ordinary led lamps should be avoided in wet environments. The wet environment will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driving power supply. The electronic components are damp and the lamp life is shortened.


Tips of maintaining led light

* Moisture protection is the key to lighting maintenance. Especially for toilet and bathroom led lights and kitchen stove headlights, moisture-proof lampshades should be installed to prevent moisture intrusion and avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit.

*Its better not to wash the led lamp with water. Just wipe it with a dry cloth which have been dropped in water. If it is accidentally touched, try to dry it as much as possible. Do not wipe it with a damp cloth immediately after turning on the light.

*Ordinary led lamp can not be used in the circuit of dimmer lamp, delay switch and induction switch.

*To avoid using led light in high temperature and humidity environments. Generally, it’s better to be used at ambient temperature of 5-40 ℃.

*Led lamps are mainly driven by power, non-professionals are advised not to assemble and unload themselves to avoid electrical shock and other risks.

*The metal part of led lamp should not be free to use chemical agents such as polishing powder, it is better to clean it with dry cloth or duster. 


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