Grab 3 key points,instantly improve hotel decoration level

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Grab 3 key points,instantly improve hotel decoration level

How to make a hotel show high-grade? Different decorative design of hotel have big influence on entire hotel. We must make targeted and differentiated treatments based on a design content of different hotel decoration. Hotel decoration design should be more close to life, close to the consumer, in order to bring customers with relaxed and comfortable enjoyment. So, how can hotel decoration design be better?



Don't be lack of hotel culture.

A successful company has its own unique corporate culture behind it, and a good hotel is no exception. The brand and characteristics of each hotel are crucial for the later development. In the actual decoration, too many renovations are copied, without considering the theme of the hotel, excessive pursuit of fashion or luxury, it is not advisable.




Simplicity is not casual.


Simple style≠Simple decoration. In fact, the minimalist style is the most fashionable and widely used style in the decoration field. For example, a fast hotel, that is, an economical hotel. People value the price, not the environment. Trulene, as a good partner of decoration project, advise the simple style is to ensure that the overall color and style of the room are the same, which makes the consumers feel comfortable and ease in the bedroom. If the walls of your hotel are random graffiti, I think this is not a simple style, it is a free-style. 



The height of service cognition


Compared with star-rated hotels, economical hotels may not have high-end lobby decoration, no well-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool and other facilities. What else can economic hotels do to make customers feel that goods are worth more than their price?

1. Family service culture, treat customers as our own family or friends, care them with heart.

2. Attitude of do not say the word "no" , maximum satisfying customers' need

3. Surprise customers, such as celebrate birthday for them, to know customer preferences and taboos in advance and so on

4. Beyond the expectations of customers, the service must move ourselves, then can make customers moved.


The most important thing we should remember:

Confirm your hotel customer position and build a unique hotel with your heart.


Trulene, your best partner of hotel construction project. Any question, please leave a message.

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