How should the garden lights be arranged?

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See how to decorate our garden with lightings. 

We have some tips of garden lighting decoration.

If the garden is not equipped with lights, then you are half done.

After a hard day's work, its already evening after dusk that the family get together. The garden is the best place to relax, family can enjoy dinner together in the garden, or invite friends to the party, chat late into the night, so night lighting is essential, some slight lighting can enhance the atmosphere of outdoor dining, It can also increase the fun of gatherings in the garden, so that you can make full use of the outdoor garden from dusk to late night.

The designed lighting not only guarantees our walking safety at night, but also changes the appearance of the garden, even more charming than the garden during the day. From the interior you can also enjoy the night view of the garden. So how do you arrange the garden lights? Which places need lighting?



Illuminating the entrance to the building or garden can serve as decoration and welcoming guest, as well as help prevent thieves; if possible, maintain a clear line of sight. In the morning, the wall lights can be set to dusk or off, using low energy bulbs or LEDs to reduce costs. Other security lights, such as mini flood lights, can be fitted with an infrared motion sensor that illuminates your home as people approach it or walk over. Adjust the sensitivity so that the cat and the rabbit do not trigger the light through. Also keep nearby plants pruned to prevent them from activating the lights on windy nights.


The soft lighting in the courtyard is a striking highlight, and its subtlety is the imitation of the moonlight effect that occurs after the sun has fallen.


Pushing open the door, the lights arranged in the flower beds are sprinkled on the S-shaped road to lead us home. Rectangular small pool border lights that distinguish between water and ground.



Park road and stairs

For safety, it is necessary to illuminate the path and stairs. Focus on potential hazards such as ponds, or changes in ground level or fall down due to step drop. Use a column light or low-profile mini spotlight to illuminate the edge of the paving or deck at an angle, or install a recessed paving light; choose a style that complements your house and garden design. The recessed deck light is relatively easy to install and will highlight the edge of the deck as well as the level of variation. The safety light does not have to be switched on continuously: the sensor can be used and the light is turned on when it is switched on and off again after the set time. You can also use the remote control to control the garden lights.



Steps illuminate night safety

Illuminate the steps as a safety precaution. Outdoor lighting can be both creative and functional. Illumination creates a light source that illuminates a path, or focuses on the focus of the garden to set off the atmosphere. It is also safe after dark.


Lighting effect on both sides of the steps



Lighting effect in the center of step



Place a garden light on the edge of the platform where there is a drop to prevent accidents.



The light shines on various materials and different styles of the building's exterior wall to create a dreamy effect, emphasizing the designer's intention.




More different type of garden lighting, you can always find your favourite lights in Trulene.



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