How to make a healthy renovation? Create a safety home!

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Healthy decoration, safety home

According to relevant information from the World Health Organization, the number of people dying from indoor decoration pollution in the world has reached 2.8 million per year! The number of deaths caused by indoor decoration pollution in China has reached 111,000 per year. About 68% of human diseases are related to interior decoration.

Because the health problems caused by decoration pollution are frequently seen in the network, who dares to take it lightly? There are too many types of projects involved in the entire renovation project. It is not easy to really protect the health of the decoration. In this case, it can only come step by step, not letting go of every opportunity to be healthy.

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1.Floor decoration should not use only one material

There are many types of composite boards, wood-based panels and floor tiles. The single use may cause a certain harmful substance to exceed the standard. For example, solid wood flooring is environmentally friendly, but there are paints that may cause benzene pollution; composite flooring contains formaldehyde, and it is easy to exceed this standard using only one kind of floor.

It is recommended that the living room be tiled, and the bedroom and study room should be made of solid wood flooring. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention not to use the large core board under the floor, otherwise it will lead to serious over-standard of formaldehyde; the tile must choose the "A" grade product, the quality of the harmful substances meets the national standard and can be used indoors.


2.Less scented paint

The hazard of improper coating selection is that it contains volatile organic compounds such as benzene and heavy metals. There are some counterfeit "purification" products on the market. By adding a lot of flavors to remove odors, it is actually impossible to eliminate harmful substances. Therefore, the paint that you buy should be chosen to smell unscented, and the paint bucket should be opened before use.


3 Tips to choose paint:

(1) Not to choose smelling bad smell, strong irritating smell

(2) Check if there is any settlement, agglomeration or severe stratification, if any, indicating poor quality

(3) Gently stir with a stick. If it is lifted, the paint stays on the stick for a longer period of time and the coverage is more uniform, indicating that the quality is better.

3.Don't forget to install the backwater bend in the bathroom

The selection of the bathroom is important. The antibacterial and mildew resistant tiles can be used conditionally, and the anti-slip effect is good. The ceiling is affected by water vapor and is prone to mildew. Waterproof and heat-resistant materials should be used. In addition, the return bends and floor drains of sewers are essential, but they are easily overlooked. Products that meet the standards of regular manufacturers should be purchased. The floor drain seal should be more than 2 cm; a backwater bend must be installed under the wash basin to prevent sewer odor, bacteria, viruses, odors, cockroaches, fly butterflies from invading and contaminating.


4.Lighting should be environmental

To provide safe lighting, you must choose the right fixture for your home environment. Regardless of the environment, the lamp should meet safety standards. In particular, toilets and kitchens have higher requirements for lamp, so products with higher waterproof and dustproof grades should be selected.


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If there are children at home, the lamps should not be easily accessible. Electric shock caused by the lamps is generally caused by the lamp holders or lamps that do not meet the requirements, and the protection of electric parts without cover. Art lamp are best not to choose products with sharp parts to try to ensure that children are not at risk.



Now people's awareness of energy conservation is getting stronger and stronger. Energy-saving lamps not only reduce electricity bills for us, but also contribute to low-carbon environmental protection. It is also a wise move to choose energy-saving lamps.




Another point to note is that although the wattage of energy-saving lamps is low and the price is reasonable, there is mercury vapor in the energy-saving lamps, which is relatively polluting to the environment, so users can consider to choose LED lamps for home use. Although the price is higher than other lamps, but the power is lower, lifespan is longer, and the environmental protection is also better.


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In addition to choosing the style of the furniture, we must also pay attention to the use of materials, do not choose products with irritating odor, and purchase them from regular furniture manufacturers. Regular manufacturers can provide test reports that meet the standards and can be purchased with confidence.

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