Do you know what day is September 24th?

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Do you know what day is September 24th? Guangzhou Trulene IM. & EX Co., Ltd

It's The fifteenth of the eighth lunar month in China (Sep 24th), we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on this day, we stay together with our family to have a hearty dinner and many delicious food on this reunite day.

We really want to share this joy with you. And here Trulene wish everyone of you have a happy and health family.


Please be sure to taste the traditional Chinese moon cakes when you get the chance.


China is a nation that respects traditional culture. We love peace, solidarity, loyalty and trustworthiness.

So does Trulene.

Why do customers like to cooperate with us?

Because we abide the following principles.


We abide by the good faith cooperation and mutual benefit. We sincerely consider for the customer from their point of view,  to save procurement time and cost in the construction project for them. 


All our products are strictly under high-quality control by our QA team. The products are complied with standards such CE, ROHS, EN standards, UL etc. The products have been exported to world wide countries such as European countries, Middle East, North America, Asia, Australia ect.

On time

Both production time and delivery time, we are strict monitoring and control, on-time delivery to customers. We don't want to disappoint our customers, so we try our best.


We have a high quality and talented young team plus suitable ownership structure, modern operation and management philosophized creates an energetic and efficient internal working atmosphere. The staff works energetically with high loyalty. You don't have to worry about after-sales problems, on the one hand because the quality of our products is strictly controlled, and in addition, our colleagues will try to work together to solve any problems on the order.


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