Don't panic when in danger. It can help you!

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When you are in an accident, don't panic, don't be afraid.

Preventive measures can help us stay calm and ensure our safety.

Our fire emergency microwave sensor light can help you!



Product Features:

1. Lamp color: White/ Warm white

2. LED light source: SMD2835

3. Beam angle: 120°

4. Power: 7/12/15W

5. Chassis diameter:260mm (300mm is optional)

6. Shade material: The cover is made of acrylic material, uniform light color, anti-glare; metal part: iron

7. Working Temperature: -15℃- -+45

8. Working humidity: 20%-70%

9. Rendering index: CRI: Ra>80

10. Working voltage: 110-240V

11. Working frequency: 50/60Hz

12. Power factor: >0.9

13. Led light decay: 3% (<1000H)

14. Lifespan: Above 30000 Hrs

15. Sensor way: Microwave sensor

16. 3-8 hours of emergency lighting under power outages

17. Certificate: CE, RoHS

18. Size: Dia300*110mm

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