Do you know how to choose the chandelier in the villa decoration?

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Do you know how to choose the chandelier in the villa decoration?


The use of chandeliers in villas is very common. In the overall space design, chandeliers are the finishing touch. Among all the lights, the chandelier has the most patterns.

Crystal chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, simple chandeliers, individual chandeliers, etc. Each chandelier has different styles and habitats. Below we will summarize the chandeliers for everyone.

01 Crystal chandelier - the king of the chandelier

Noble and gorgeous is the characteristic of crystal chandeliers. The common habitat is the European-style, French-style living room. Compared with other chandeliers, the crystal chandelier is brighter and more beautiful.

Guangzhou Trulene IM. & EX Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Trulene IM. & EX Co., Ltd

The crystal chandelier itself is an outstanding work of art. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobleness. Crystal lighting also represents light and hope.


02 Chinese chandelier - the representative element of Zen


Chinese style should not appear too gorgeous crystal chandelier, not even more a red lantern,The oriental Zen of "less is beauty" should be followed, and the beauty of Chinese style should be condensed into elements that can highlight the style.


03  Simple chandelier - minimalist patient's favorite


The simple style pays attention to the use of lines, and the simple and straight lines outline the unique style of the home. Simple chandeliers do not require complex shapes and are very basic in shape, but can be used in a variety of spaces.

04 Individual chandeliers - non-mainstream in chandeliers


The fancy shape or the iron black lamp holder, the strange shape, can satisfy the owner's personality while satisfying the atmosphere of the lighting.


Among the chandeliers in the individual shape, the wrought iron chandelier is a classic, capable of any modern style of home space.


After reading the style of the chandelier, what kind of chandelier should I use in different home spaces? Here we focus on the choice of chandeliers in the living room and dining room.

Living room chandelier selection

If the chandelier is to be installed in the living room, the style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. If the living room is large, the illumination of the chandelier must be sufficient.


When choosing the chandeliers in the living room, the owners of the villas usually choose gorgeous crystal chandeliers, which are more convenient for rendering large spaces.


However, we do not necessarily stick to the crystal chandeliers. The larger individual chandeliers are also qualified for the villa's tall living room.


Restaurant chandelier selection

The use of chandeliers can not only help the food look delicious on the table, but also the key to the popularity of the restaurant.


The chandelier in the restaurant needs to take into account the distance between the lamp and the dining table. It is not advisable to use a chandelier that is too long and excessively occupied.


Large crystal chandeliers are not suitable for the restaurant area, which is suitable for warm and gentle light effects. If it has a faint rural atmosphere, it is more in line with the definition of the restaurant.


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