How does the Europeans celebrate the extraordinary Christmas

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How does the Europeans celebrate the extraordinary Christmas

Don't think that Christmas is just a few days. For the Nordic people, it was a long and happy day. From the fourth Sunday before Christmas (Christ's Advent), Christmas kicked off.

On this day they will prepare four candles, commonly known as Advent Wreath. From the advent of Christ, a candle will light up every weekend until the fourth candle is lit, accompanied by heavy snow and lights, Christmas It will come.


The winter in Northern Europe is only 4-6 hours in the daytime, 9 days before dawn, and it is dark at 3 pm. On a long night, the reindeer sleigh flies over the Arctic Circle, making romantic Christmas more beautiful.


Visiting Santa's hometown in Finland


Aurora waiting to fly in Norway


Into the Swedish Christmas market, come with a glass of mulled wine with gingerbread

The strong Christmas atmosphere makes people forget the cold winter, as if all the Christmas wishes made can be realized here.

France | Double enjoyment of taste buds and vision

On Christmas Eve in France, not every household has a beautiful Christmas tree, but a rich Christmas dinner must be a must, and even an art feast can be eaten.


Beautiful tablecloths, decorated with flowers, candles, etc., carefully prepared with fine porcelain, with silver cutlery and crystal cups, the romance of the French nature. The family is reunited to share delicious and pure foie gras, turkey, and a large log-shaped cake for Christmas. When discussing the important things in the house, it also let all the past sins are released, and everyone is as good as ever.

After enjoying the Christmas dinner and singing Christmas songs, people sip a glass of champagne and brandy, the traditional French Christmas wine, and immerse themselves in the warmth of the family.


 The Christmas market is also a unique landscape of French Christmas. Christmas concerts, pipa, and Santa Claus are present to give gifts to the Christmas market.


Britain | Warm and nostalgic Christmas British style

According to previous surveys, just as we are looking forward to the Spring Festival in the coming year, more than 75% of British people are still looking forward to Christmas every year. So far, they still retain a lot of retro traditional habits. On the contrary, it is very fashionable and intimate.


The British have a fascination with Christmas cards, and the world's first commercial Christmas card was made in London in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. Nowadays, in addition to buying cards from the store, homemade Christmas cards are also very popular. Instead of mobile phone newsletters, paper-written handwritten greeting cards are used to send out true blessings. This kind of thoughtful thinking is also very cute.


Christmas cannons are also an indispensable part of celebrating Christmas. The first Christmas cannon was made by a candy hawker in London in 1850. After the Christmas party and Christmas dinner, guests usually pull Christmas firecrackers and celebrate the Christmas with a gorgeous fireworks.


Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is also a major reason for people to fall in love with British Christmas. This large winter fantasy world belongs to everyone regardless of age and country. The skating rink with Victorian performances and 100,000 lights is full of retro feelings.


Ireland | A distinctive Christmas tradition

As a Catholic country, Christmas is naturally the biggest celebration of the year in Ireland. Traditionally, from December 8th, each family has set up a Christmas tree, can be adorned with various decorations, and can't wait to change into a Christmas coat.


Traditional Irish people will place a large candle on the windowsill of their main entrance on Christmas Eve. The legend is to tell tired travelers that there are places to rest, such as Mary and Joseph in the Bible story. Adults will also tell the children that this candle will help the Christmas grandfather who is giving gifts.

Speaking of Santa Claus, the Irish still have to leave a meat pie and a bottle of Guinness beer on his desk at home, so that Santa can get a moment of rest when giving gifts.


Seeing so much delicious and fun above, it really makes people very excited!

At last, Trulene wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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