Great development potential of solar energy in Africa

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What do you think development of solar energy in Africa?

Africa has plenty of sunshine and has a lot to do with solar energy. According to the Egyptian newspaper The News, Africa receives an average of 6 kWh of solar energy per square meter per day. It is called the “world of the sun” and has great potential to meet its energy needs through solar energy. In Africa, solar energy is not only about reducing emissions, but also helping to reduce poverty. Because in sub-Saharan Africa, about 560 million people are in a state of power shortage, and 625 million people rely on solid fuels such as firewood or coal to cook. Solar technology can provide clean, high-quality electricity, which can effectively improve the overall quality of life in Africa.

It can be seen that the potential for solar energy development in Africa is enormous. Personally, for the civilian population, the first benefit of enjoying solar energy should be the solar light. Of course, nowadays more and more housing solar systems can make the entire home's electricity rely on solar energy conversion. But based on Africa's economic conditions and policies, solar roof systems are not affordable for every household. So, this is why I said that solar lights are the first solar products that Africans can benefit from.

The solar light technology exported from China has gradually matured and the styles have become more diverse. Basically can meet the lighting needs of the family. According to the environment of the African market, individuals will recommend some more economical, practical, and highly efficient solar lights. Trulene's solar lights can basically meet the above conditions.

Here are some solar lights,

[Outdoor solar light]

solar light outdoor.jpgoutdoor solar lamp.jpgsolar light.jpgsolar lawn lamp.jpgsolar wall light.jpgsolar wall lampjpgsolar street light.jpgsolar flood lightjpg

[Indoor solar lgiht]

solar flood light.jpgsolar led light.jpgsolar led light.jpg

【Trulene Brief Introduction】

Trulene, is a professional company focus on Green lighting projects. After more than 12 years development,TRULENE consists of a huge lighting manufacturer in Foshan & Trading office in Guangzhou. Our products have been well sold in Europe, America, Saudi Arabia, Asia etc

We have rich experience in lighting industry and export. We have finished a lot of lighting project and construction work project like hotel, school, hospital, amusement park, and we attend in foreign exhibition every year, such as Peru, Morocco, Vietnam, Turkey etc. 

Welcome to contact us for knowing more solar product and we will try our best to support you on your business. Trust Trulene, we are your reliable supplier partner in China.

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