Detail Control of Hotel lighting design (Part 2)

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Detail Control of Hotel lighting design (Part 2)

The last article describes the lighting design details of hotel lobby, reception area, transition space and so on. This article will continue to introduce the lighting considerations of the restaurant and guest room of hotel. Welcome to discuss with us.

Restaurant - functional lighting is clear

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The functional lighting of the restaurant is very specific. Some dark places reduce the use of light. Some dark places have to pay attention to the main façade, but the final point is to make the wall more transparent.

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In the dining room of the restaurant, there are two design details to be aware of. The first one is to strengthen the desktop lighting, and the second is to make an effective embellishment of the decoration inside. In the processing of the light, layout according to the focus, and is a casual layout, creating a sense of layering.

Guest Room - enhance the artistic grade by decorating

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The guest room is the core location of the hotel and the privacy of the consumer. As a space with great privacy, the room needs to reflect a little mystery and fun in the design of the lighting, so the light intensity treatment of this space is the focus. If it is a Chinese-style hotel, in order to fit the Chinese style, the rooms are usually decorated with some Chinese-style handicrafts. They are often decorated with works of Chinese paintings such as ink paintings and landscape paintings to enhance the entire room artistic grade. At this time, it is very important to create a lighting environment that highlights these decorations while making them feel comfortable.

The effect of landing - can not be separated from the understanding of the product and the collaboration of various links

The previous content shared the details of the hotel space lighting design. However, the above design methods can achieve the desired effect, and there are several points that cannot be ignored.

(1) Select the lamp. As a lighting designer, in the lighting design of the hotel space, the choice of lamps is a very important part. Generally speaking, there are three requirements for the selection of lamps: the first one is “whether handsome or not”. This is the most Attractive point, just like we usually buy things, performance second, appearance first. The second is the core point. The location of light and the quality of light are the most aspects that lighting designers value. The third is whether the color temperature of the lamp meets the design requirements of the space.

(2) Coordination. When lighting designers are working on a hotel project, they also need to cooperate with the interior designer to make the overall effect. Regarding the cooperation, the first one is to communicate with the other party to clearly understand the scope of the design when getting the project. The second is to carry out a complete and clear collection of information and begin the design of creative concepts. The third is the deepening phase. The fourth point is to go to the scene to debug the lights.


The more high-end hotels, the stricter requirements of lighting, to do a good lighting design of a hotel, in addition to its own lighting design expertise, and the cooperation with interior designers, construction units are also extremely important, otherwise, how good the design is, it will be futile. Because of the perfect creation of the hotel project, it has never been the “one-man show” of the lighting designer.

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