How to make the lights better for your work?

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How to make the lights better for your work?

● The more natural light the employees receive at work, the healthier they are and the easier it is to maintain a good mood.

● Glare in the work environment also reduces productivity

Many employees are proud to have a personalized office space. We should be familiar with the desks and hand-painted offices on the walls, but few people will pay attention to the surrounding lights. When working, the intensity and type of light in the environment will have a great impact on human health, mood and work efficiency. Even if you don't have any lighting other than the fluorescent light on the top of the head in an office without windows, you can use the following steps to make the lights better.

Receiving blue light before work can enhance brain function

The human brain responds differently to different light. There is a special kind of cell distributed on our retina, specifically called photosensitive retinal ganglion cells. They are able to detect the presence of short-wave blue light, then tell our body and brain that the sun has risen and inhibit the secretion of melatonin that promotes sleep.

The wake-up effect of Blu-ray is not only a good reason not to play mobile phones before going to bed (the LCD screen will emit a lot of blue light), but it can also be used at noon to improve brain power. Blu-ray exposure can increase our acumen and concentration and even improve mood.

In fact, a new study published by Sleep magazine shows that receiving blue light can improve job performance before completing an important job. The researchers found that the same cognitive task, the test group that received blue light in the dark room was faster than the control group, and the accuracy was not affected by the speed. It is worth noting that this boost can last for more than half an hour after the end of the exposure.

So I think looking at your cell phone before you go to work will still make people more focused.

“These findings mean that we can use blue light in some environments that require extreme acumen and rapid response, such as the aircraft cockpit,” Dr. Anna Alkozei said. She is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Arizona and the lead author of the study. “We can even use blue light as a means of improving concentration and use it half an hour before completing an activity such as an exam that requires a high degree of sensitivity.”

Of course, the light is not always brighter and better. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that glare can make employees more alert, while dim lighting makes them more creative and inspire their adventure.

Working at the window is good for health

An office with floor-to-ceiling windows is not only a symbol of status, but also a sign of health. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine shows that the more light (especially natural light) employees receive at work, the healthier they are and the easier it is to maintain a good mood. In addition, the study has two unexpected findings: compared to colleagues who do not receive natural light, the testers with windows in the office have to sleep for 46 minutes per night, even after work hours. More is needed.

“Light also affects metabolism and the efficiency with which the body uses food, which is also important for weight,” says Phyllis Zee, MD. She is the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and one of the authors of the study.

What if I have bad luck and there is no window in the office? Felicity Qi suggested that you can increase the brightness of the ceiling light, use a desktop light box that relieves seasonal mood disorders, and occasionally come to the window to look at it or simply go out for a walk.

Be careful of glare

What are the negative effects of making the office brighter? Produces glare that makes people feel tired.

“In addition to causing extreme discomfort, studies have shown that glare in the work environment also reduces productivity,” said Brent Protzman, manager of energy information analysis at Lutron. Lutron is a manufacturer of lighting systems and shading systems. “This includes the inability to see the screen and the need to constantly adjust the head. Basically anything that distracts you or causes a short-lived distraction takes a while to adjust.”

Prozman suggested that the monitor should be placed in the weakest indoor glare, employees should be able to control the intensity of the light in the office, and avoid the so-called "cave effect", that is, do not let a single room in a dark room light spot. In short, even if the adult said in our childhood that staring at the screen in the dark would lead to blindness, it is not completely correct, we still can't take it lightly.

面板灯panel light.jpg

Long-term glare can still have a great impact on people's eyes. For office workers who work indoors for a long time, students in class, or workers in the workshop, the lighting in these spaces must be reasonably arranged. Don’t just for "bright" and we recommend using low-frequency flash, non-glare lighting products.

The power of the luminaire, the height of the installation, and the material of the lampshade all affect the glare of the lighting effect.

Trulene LED panel lights are designed to avoid glare, allowing you to make your eyes more comfortable, whether you are at work, studying or reading.

Choosing high quality lighting, choose Trulene, a green lighting supplier which can improve your life quality!

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