No main light leads the fashion home!

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No main light leads the fashion home!


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Simple design without main lamp


In traditional design,

There must be a main light in the house.

Is considered "complete",

Although its light distribution design is still extensive,

But in traditional home improvement,

The main light still plays the role of main lighting.

But this brings a lot of problems, such as long-term unreasonable lighting damage to the human eye, or narrowing the space. Coupled with the lack of ordinary commercial housing above the height of the floor, it is necessary to eliminate the visual repression by simplifying the lighting design.

And if you don't keep the big chandelier, then the LED downlight and other point light source lamps are the ideal "substitute".

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In a home without a ceiling lamp,

Exquisite lamps such as LED downlights are unique

So, today we will introduce the home without a main lamp. How should we design it to meet the needs of modern people? In fact, after giving up the large chandelier as the main lighting, we have a lot of exquisite fashion lamps to choose from.

At the time of selection, it is recommended to match the appropriate luminaires according to different spatial attributes.

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Living room-main lights are not reserved

If the indoor floor height of the house is low (H ≤ 2.8 m), then the living room without the main light scheme becomes more important. Today, advocating "simple and beautiful", it has been more inclined to use the combination of LED downlights, spotlights, floor lamps, track lights and other auxiliary light sources to enrich the spatial level of the home and create a more refined light environment. The refined “distributed” luminaires blend with the simple decor and emphasize the sense of stretch on the space. Not only the basic lighting is guaranteed, but the overall residential texture is also up.

As long as you know, the main lights are mostly used for basic lighting & decorative lighting. If you want to abandon the main lights, you can find other suitable basic lighting forms. It is not necessary to hold the main lights.

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Restaurant - chandelier is not necessary standard

Many traditional homes use a chandelier as the main lighting in the dining room area. Although this combination is possible, it is not an necessary standard. The lighting design of the restaurant can actually be more elegant. Because it needs to pay more attention to the creation of a warm atmosphere, just like the exquisite restaurants outside, you can spend a lot of time on the lights to create a full appetite.

From the perspective of the replacement of lamps, we can choose the embedded LED downlights, spotlights, grille lights, or light strips with exquisite appearance to provide a more reasonable light distribution for this area. No worse than the effect of the chandelier.

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Bedroom-no main lights, more space

In terms of the choice of lamps, the bedroom can use LED downlights as the main source of light in the same way as hotel rooms. As shown in the following figure, the simple layout of the simple bedroom, downlight and table lamp and other small light source, the point light source created together to make the space gentle, the overall lighting layout is unified and layered, the average illumination reaches 150Lx. The rest and relaxation are comfortable and comfortable.

In addition, if your home is a small and medium-sized apartment, you should make full use of the limited space. One inch cannot be wasted, and the lighting is also the same.

There are two major advantages to using the "distributed" point-type lighting pattern: to distribute the light source "distributed point", without shadow dark areas, visually more concise, clean, and more spatial; hidden light source to prevent glare, also Make the light softer.

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Love Light, love Life

———————————————————————————Lighting Experience First


All in all, remember one rule. For the modern minimalist style of home decoration, when choosing a luminaire, the styling should be simple and uncomfortable, and the style should match the room.


Especially for low-rise floor units that cannot be done with ceilings, it is recommended to use only LED downlights to make room for the injection of other elements, which can also create a stylish and comfortable home light environment.

home light decor.pngMore new lighting, please check here.

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