Users share feeling after using solar light: No electricity charge any more

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No electricity charge any more, users share feeling after using solar light.

Maybe solar lights have not been widely used in our family, comparatively speaking, there are more apartments than house with garden in downtown of city, absolutely solar light is not very convenient to use “indoor”.

Some people doubt that whether some key index like the lifespan, reliability, cost performance,practicality of solar light can meet the standard of actual project requirement.

Users Ernest told us he tried to buy a solar light with good comment online, and he felt surprised after using it. Below we share the using situation with you.

1. Luminous effect surpass expected

Such small power can illuminate a range area in front of the door, this lamp asymmetric light distribution effect is good, consistent with the effect of wall lamp which should have, beyond expectations.


2. Sensor control is so humanized

This lighting control is very humanized, automatically absorb solar energy during daytime, converting solar energy into electricity and storing it in battery for use at night. The light will not be on during the day, and it is controlled by a brightness sensor. After dark, it will light up when someone close to it, because there is an infrared sensor on both sides of the lamp, with a wide range of detection. The light will automatically turn on when people close at night and turn off when people walk away. On the premise of meeting the demand, the lamp will be truly energy-saving and environment-friendly (with limited battery capacity, it must be energy-saving).

solar sensor light.jpg

3. Appearance of light is elegant and generous.

Considering the position of the photovoltaic panel, the design of the lamp is ingenious. The photovoltaic panel is integrated with the lamp, and its inclined angle is conductive to the illumination, so as to achieve the highest efficiency of pv.

solar light supplier.jpg

4. Price is acceptable

Some people think this green high-tech solar light must be high price. Market price is about $35-$40, I think it is very worth that because the lifetime can be 3-5 years, after 3-5years, change the inside battery then can be use continued.

In the long run, does this cost a good deal?

 solar lamp supplier.jpg

If we really want to do something for environment protection, Ernest thinks this is a good way to start, which not only can save part of the electricity cost, but also better use of natural energy, why not?

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