We are already back to work!

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We are already back to work!

The first day after National Day Holiday, maybe many people still immerse themselves in beautiful view during holiday travel, new friends made during journey, delicious food in hometown etc. So when they come back to work, and find themselves mental fatigue, loss of appetite, low work efficiency.

However, for Trulene member, that’s not exist!

Although during holiday, some of our staff still working, some colleagues go abroad on business, some work at home. The reason for us to insist, it is our sense of responsibility to our customers. Many companies emphasize that they think from customers’ view, but when problems come out, they escape, stall the time, even pass the buck.

For Trulene, we can not permit that happen. During the order negotiation, we will clarify the responsibility with the customer and confirm the order details. In the production process of the order, we will regularly supervise the production schedule, conduct sampling inspection of product quality, and strictly ensure the timely and high-quality delivery, so that the cooperation between customers and us can be more pleasant.

We have already come back to work. All kinds of lighting project, welcome to consult.

Hotel, Office, School, Garden etc. Lighting work project, we can provide you suitable design and install solution.

Trulene, we are always your best construction project partner.

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Hotel lighting project supplier

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Office Lighting Project Supplier

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Garden lighting project supplier

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