How to make reasonable use of the bay window? (Part Ⅰ)

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How to make reasonable use of the bay window? (Part Ⅰ)

Before using the bay window, the first thing to do is to determine if the bay window can be removed and then rebuilt.

Confirm the property consent before proceeding to the next step.

Even if the property agrees, you must understand the structure of your own bay window. In some cases, it is impossible to move.

The bay window is divided into an outer bay window and an inner bay window:

The outer bay window is a form that protrudes from the wall surface. There are windows on three sides and the height of the window sill is low. This is the true bay window.

This kind of bay window is absolutely impossible. Its platform is poured with the outer wall, and if it is smashed, it will leak and there is no way to repair it.

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The inner bay window: Left and right are walls, and only the middle side is a window, and the shape is concave.

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What are the practices of the bay window?

Transformed into a meeting area

If the bay window is in a crowded place in the living room, restaurant, etc., we can get our friends together on the weekend, a row of small cushions along the bay window, even replace the chairs.

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【Transformed into a work ares】

The bay window is made into a work area, and a three-sided desktop design is created according to the window edge. No need to worry about the sundries nowhere to put. However, it is worth noting that the depth of the desktop in the bay window work area must be sufficient. If the legs are not properly placed, you will want to pick up the table.

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Transformed into a leisure area

A casual bay window that can be used for rest, reading, and high tea. The more suitable area is the bedroom and the living room. At the same time, some storage functions can be created to reduce the storage pressure in the home.

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Or it is to transform the bay window with storage function, close to the sofa and coffee table.

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No matter which form the bay window is changed to, you must make a bay window pad. Most of them are now made of stone countertops. Sitting in the winter, it feels really cool!

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If you want to make a bay window cabinet, you must use warm wood grain color!

The gray and thick bay window mats are high class in color and resistant to dirt, and with warm wood grain, the whole space is filled with a sense of high quality.

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Pillow and lamp】

Rainy window cabinets, pillows and lights are more suitable!

Bay window is a small corner to increase the mood of home life, use good of it will make your home full of warmth!

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In the next episode, we will delve into how to transform the bay window into a desk and deck. Stay tuned.


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