A mini object that can embellish your wardrobe!

2019-03-15 18:03:30 trulene.net 26

Every girl who loves beauty wants to have a fantastic wardrobe, which can display the "baby" they cherish, brand-name bags, limited edition shoes, the latest suits...

Today I want to recommend you a mini product that can embellish your wardrobe and add color to your "baby".

Let's check immediately. 1552642878504426.png

led cabinet hinge light.jpg

led cabinet hinge light.jpg

Maybe you will wonder what this is and where to place it?

led cabinet hinge light.jpg

led cabinet hinge light.png

It can put in your closet, wardrobe, cupboard. and any other door design furniture.

Very easy to install and save energy. It is so much convenient for you to search your clothes in the dark, or look for dishware etc.

Here is an installation and operating vedio, easy right? 

LED hinge wardrobe light.jpgGET IT? 

Do you want to know more details about this led hinge light for cabinet? 

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