What should we pay attention to the lighting design of the restaurant?

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What should we pay attention to the lighting design of the restaurant?

The aroma of the dish, the texture of the food, is already an experience that is not easy to describe. Light and shadow in space are harder to say for the average person.

Light outlines the structure of the space in a seemingly mysterious way. Even if the renderings of the restaurant or the space map after the completion of the restaurant, it is difficult to capture the true light effect. But it's as ubiquitous as air, affecting your entire dining experience.

So this time we will share the ingenuity of lighting in the restaurant.

Six spaces to be distinguished

Facade/Entry: A clear distinction from the surrounding environment.

This distinction can be achieved by different methods, such as: illumination differentiation; color temperature distinction. Their purpose is the same, especially in crowded street or "close-knit" more intense shopping malls, through the prominent logo to attract consumers.

lighting supplier.png

key lighting at the entrance

➤ Dining space: 

tabletop dishes, people at the table. The dishes on the table should be beautiful, and the color rendering index (CRI) is very important. It can be illuminated with a small angle beam. Imagine the flashlight and even the light of the spotlight. It is a typical representative of a small angle. It can increase the dramatic effect of space, but at the same time, the people at the table are black faces. Too much emphasis on light and dark contrast is easy to cause visual fatigue.

led light supplier.png

desktop focus lighting

How to solve the problem of people at the table?

This depends on the basic lighting, which is the lighting of the big environment outside the dining table.

There are three basic methods for basic lighting:

Increase the angle of light source

You imagine that the light from the spotlight spreads out, and the area covered by natural light is even larger, while the relative illumination is reduced, that is, the contrast between light and dark is lowered;

Using the strip light

It can be buried in the corners, the edge of the ceiling, etc. Many designers will also design hidden gaps for them, so that the light strip will not be directly exposed. The customer sees the secondary reflection formed on the wall surface, which is softer and comfortable.

The light strip can more subtly improve the overall illumination, while the "hook" effect of the light strip can improve the layering of the entire space.

led strip light.png

Hook effect of strip light

❸ Increase other basic illumination

For example, there is a large decoration on the wall of the restaurant. The store is equipped with spotlights with accent lighting. This lighting does not directly face the human eye, but its reflected light on the wall can effectively improve the overall brightness of the space.

lighting supplier.png

The effect of different CRI on food

Leica/Box: The core goal is privacy.

Therefore, it is more necessary to weaken weaknesses and emphasize priorities. For example, pressing the light source down, the light is closer to the table and the back of the light is blocked, so that the black color above the space and the light around the desktop will form a sharper contrast, allowing the light to draw a boundary around the person and the table.

➤Washroom: The lighting of the bathroom generally follows the safety standards of the national standard.

But in this, the wash basin must be transparent and bright. It is recommended to install the mirror headlights to make people illuminate in the washstand, which makes it easier to organize the appearance.

➤Open kitchen

It is a unique display window, so the continuity of light is very important, the brightness distribution is relatively average, the space is completely illuminated, and the meaning of transparency is better conveyed; at the same time, the illumination can be improved in a small range, it is convenient to operate, and can be appropriately Highlight the content. But its light is not overwhelming, after all, the main body of the dining experience still happens at the customer's table.

Seat at the window: Why put it in the last one?

Because it is the easiest place to ignore! In fact, for the restaurant, it is the top window advertising space. For this space, the primary pursuit is no longer brightness, but beauty and internal penetration. For example, there is a row of tables illuminated by the track lights to make the space softer and warmer. It can also make the seats on the side of the glass curtain wall darker. When viewed from a distance, there is a more artistic silhouette. Then the eyes of the people outside the window move naturally in a room with brighter illumination, the visual effect is more transparent and layered.

lighting supplier.png

Lighting of window seat 

I am not sure that if this sharing is useful to you ? Looking forward to your feedback

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