How to choose a bathroom sink?

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How to choose a bathroom sink?

The bathroom sink not only affects the image of the whole space, but also an important sanitary ware that is frequently used at home. I believe that most families choose white ceramics of several hundred or thousand dollars. But how do you say that if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type and still choose, then it doesn't matter, the decoration should follow your own needs and preferences. But if you don't know there are other kinds, or if you feel that you are afraid of making mistakes and would like to choose a popular one, you have to take a look at today's push! Anyway, more understanding, always good.


Let me talk about the form of the basin:

Above-counter Basin

Advantages: Good appearance, easy installation, easy maintenance, you can choose any shape you like, common is round or square, of course, if you like other shapes, it is ok.

Disadvantages: not easy to clean, it is easy to mold and black between the basin and the countertop. When cleaning the countertop, it will get the ground wet when it is not careful.


Under-counter Basin

Advantages: There is no sanitary corner, especially easy to maintain, if there is water on the countertop, you can directly get into the basin.

Disadvantages: The appearance is common, the style is also little to choose, if the installation is not good, it may leak to the bathroom cabinet below. If you want to replace it in the future, you have to lift up the whole table;


Middle-counter basin

Between the above-counter basin and the under-counter basin, the advantages and disadvantages of the two are integrated into one, which is better looking than the under-basin, and is better to clean than the above-basin. It is an intermediate value. It is still popular now, so there are more and more styles.



Let me talk about the materials in the basin:


The most varieties are also the most common. The general family chooses pure white without patterns. It looks generous and simple. Of course, other colors are rare but not without. When choosing such a basin, remember to look at the water absorption rate of the manual. The lower the water absorption rate, the less likely it is to deform and crack, and then touch the surface to see if the surface is flat, especially for corners and details. Also don't forget to see if there are pinholes, sandy hole, cracks, etc...


Man made rock

The price is relatively high, with various shapes, colors and patterns, and the finish is high, the quality is light, and the anti-strike ability is very strong. However, it is not very scratch-resistant, and some friends have reacted to the problem of fading.



expensive! Moreover, the basins of this material are generally quite large, the style is simple, scratch-resistant, but the elasticity is insufficient, and it is easy to crack.



Saturation is high and textured, but it may rust.


Stainless steel

The anti-pollution ability is very strong, and it is easy to take care of. It is generally common in the kitchen, and few people do this in the bathroom.



Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, easy cleaning, is not resistant to high temperatures, if it is high temperature water in low temperature weather, it is likely to burst, and the glass wash basin is like this, it look good when the design is good, but It seems a bit low grade when design is not good enough.



Suitable for industrial style, very individual.


Finally, I would like to talk about some issues to be aware of when choosing a basin:

1, pay attention to splash water

This depends mainly on the depth and shape of the basin. If you don't want to be splashed with water all day, you can basically ignore the shallow in depth. As for the specific depth problem, we suggest you go to the scene to try it;

2, overflow

Many friends think that the overflow will affect the overall appearance, but we advises everyone that the overflow still has to be, after all, even if you can guarantee that you will never forget to turn off the tap, you can't guarantee that other members of the family are so "standard".

3, the drain

There are many types of this, flip-flop, bounce, and hand-drawn. However, most of the households now use the bounce type, the flip cover is easy to pick up, the hand pull is not convenient, and the bounce type is just right;

4, the water pipe

The material is divided into stainless steel and plastic, and the difference of performance and price is not big, you can choose it at will. The down pipe has S type, P type, and straight type. If your house's downpipe is in-wall type, choose P-type, and enter the ground-selected S-type. Deodorant function is still necessary.

I just want to know, which type of basin did you choose? 

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