Which is the best, most environmental and safest wallpaper?( Part 2, Part 3 )

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Which is the best, most environmental and safest wallpaper?( Part 2, Part 3 )

——Non-woven Wallpaper and PVC Wallpaper Series


二、Non-woven Wallpaper

It is the basic material and reinforced by textile fiber or chemical fiber with the hot adhibiting method or chemical method. And then made by textile printing, and it will has strong pull resistance and will be durability. With the pure non-woven fabric base, using the water-based ink on the surface, and then coated with the special material. After special processing, there could be sound absorption, no deformation, and with strong breathable function. Because it's so thin, and so easy to use, and it's perfect for young people who like DIY. But there are some disadvantages, because there is fewer color, mostly it’s  solid colors, and the price also have large difference due to the different processes.

Recommended people: young people



三、PVC Wallpaper

It’s made of PVC on the surface, which is rich in variety and color. Its main advantages: flexible and wearable, washable, acid alkaline-resistance, and with sound absorption and heat insulation. But the breathability is poor, and the poor quality PVC wallpaper have heavy smell. and poor environmental protection. The price is cheaper than other material due to its different processes.

1. Plastic wallpaper:

This wallpaper is common in the market. The surface material is mainly PVC material,so it’s also called PVC wallpaper. This wallpaper have many type, and every type has many kinds of colors. Generally, it’s made of paper for base, and painting PVC paste resin, and then textile printing and embossed. Usually there are several type about the textile painting, such as flat printing, lustrous printing, concolorous embossing and printing embossed. The price is relatively cheaper, it’s wide range of uses, and it’s strong and durable, but the environmental protection is poor.

2. Foaming Wallpaper:

    Foaming wallpaper is based on the production process of PVC wallpaper. It is made of PVC paste resin with aerating powder, and foaming after printing. This type of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. The surface of the high-foaming wallpaper is elastic and concave-convex; the low-foaming wallpaper is printed with a pattern on the foaming plane, and shaped like a relief, or a wood grain, or a tile, and so on.

3. Metal Wallpaper:

    It is also a PVC wallpaper. This wallpaper is made of gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metals, and after special processes, to make the thin stickers and decorate on the surface of the wallpaper. This type of wallpaper will be quite rough and unrestrained. If the whole piece decorate on the wall, the wall may be cheesy, but if embellishing appropriately, it can show a dazzling and avant-garde. Usually u will have this feeling in the hotel, restaurant or nightclub. It will be used to small parts of the wall in the the modern home design.

   Recommended places: shopping malls, shops, public places, etc.


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