Which is the best, most environmental and safest wallpaper?( Part one )——Paper Wallpaper Series

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Which is the best, most environmental and safest wallpaper?( Part One )

——Paper Wallpaper Series

Many Customers asked, "Which kind of wallpaper is good, what is the material of wallpaper, what kind of material is good, etc." What I want to say is,there is no good or bad, cause it is relative. We need to choose the suitable wallpaper on the base of our conditions and circumstances. In other words, The one is suitable for us, the one is the best. Because different material have different advantages and disadvantages.

There are three main wallpapers in the market,they are PVC wallpapers, paper wallpapers and non-woven fabric wallpapers.

Paper Wallpaper

Paper wallpaper have two types in roughly, which are reinforced wood pulp and wood fiber wallpaper.

(1) Reinforced wood pulp wallpaper is mainly made of high-quality 10% wood fiber yarn in the wood pulp. It is not easy to turn up, no odor, good air permeability, and good environmental protection. It is the preferred wallpaper for children's rooms in Europe. 

(2) The raw material of wood fiber wallpaper are made of the pulp fiber,which is extracted from the special tree in the Nordic region, and the anti-pulling force is 8-10 times of ordinary wallpapers; There is no chemical risk to human body; And the air permeability is good (The moisture can be through the wallpaper); It’s durable, it can be scrubbed with water, and can also be scrubbed with a soft brush;It’s mold proof, moisture proof, mothproof, and the lifetime is 2-3 times of ordinary wallpaper. Wood fiber wallpaper is the highest quality in the wallpaper, the price is also slightly higher than the reinforced wood pulp, and the performance is better than other wallpaper. Wood fiber wallpaper have the best environmental protection, breathability, and longest lifetime, is the new generation of classic and practical wallpaper. 

However, it should be noticed that there are big difference of the quality and technical indicators of such wallpapers in the current market.Generally,the imported wallpaper is better than domestic ones, but its price is very high. The poor quality paper may be slightly yellowish it’s used for a long time. 

Recommended places: master bedroom, children's room, etc. 


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