what should u notice when u purchase tiles

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What should u notice when you purchase tiles?
1, U need to tell the sellers the style of your home building, color, the decorated area and your preference and so on. In general, there are more than 1,000 types of color in ceramic tiles, and there will be some customers are difficult to differentiate. Therefore, Listen more opinion from expert.


2. When purchasing ceramic tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, and balcony, you should select the wall tiles first, and then select the tiles. Cause we need to obey the principle of simple and complex. Tiles are available in many colors and are relatively simple. And wall tiles have tops and bottoms, is more complex. Decoration from simpler to more complex, It will looks more perfect on the color decoration.  


3, the types of tile. According to the environment to choose the tiles, such as the living room should use a larger size of polished tiles or antique tiles, and the kitchen and toilet is better to use non-slip interior tile, and easy to clean.


 4, When you purchase the tile in your living room, you should consider the measurements of your room to choose the tile. For example, You could use the dia 45cm or less for the less than 30m2 area, and dia 45-60cm can be used for greater than 30m2. This point need to be noticed, because when you purchase tile in the store, there will be no sense of space at home, which will affect your decision.

5, Calculation. The square of the tile u needed can be calculated by designers or calculated by professionals in the market, so that the cost can be minimized.  


6, Paving tiles should keep a seam, and u need to be careful when u do that, cause it’s easy to make mistake.


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